03 January 2008


The college dilemma is already rising high, And I don't know what to choose from the following courses that are available in the country.

*6th Choice is AB Music Major in Music Remixer

They said that this is a waste of money and the students in these course
are nerds but welathy!. XD

* 5th Choice BS in Electronic and Communication Engineering

I conclude that this is my field of interest. It is because of my facination
to digital gadgets and logical skills in computer softwares.

* 4th choice AB in Media Studies

Yeah! Media is my field and etertaining people is the want job i wanted for
long time. Apparantly this course is rejected by my friends and parents.

* 3rd Choice BS in Physical Therapy

This is the best so far if I ambition to fly to the US after i
graduate. Since i don't like nursing this is an alternative choice. BUT!
medicine is not my field of occupation.

*1st and 2nd Choice International Studies or Tourism

My International Studies dilemma is torned between European Studies or
Japanese Language and Studies. I like to study geography, culture
and languages.

I hope that I could choose what is right for me.

01 January 2008

is it me now?

It was all stated when I started my first night life in the mid of the year.
Then I met the people who are friends in deed what I need.
The people who are true to themselves and friends.
They turned me into unprogresive person.
But yet I found them as the gold.
And now the start of the year.
I ask myself.
I wanted
To secure myself,
That i'm on the right track.
People are my friends who will guide me?
Or share only the fun that we want to have?
I want to be something intellectual, Are they the right people for me?
I wanted to be a model of something they could be proud of for they have me.
These could be the endless question that runs through in my life as the new year starts.

24 December 2007

Year Ender Wishlist Achievements!!

A new Year is fast approaching I just wanna share this year's wishlist achievements.... ( or not yet achieve!

~ removed braces

~ new mobile phone

~ new Computer System

~ partey!

not yet achieved

~ learn how to play a guitar

~ exposure on television XD ( I only got radio exposure instead)

~ turn tables

~ digital camera

~to have a part-time job...


Well next year I would list again my 2008 wishlist...

12 August 2007

One Long Week Of Intrams

Last Watch: Hanazakari no Kimitachi e or Hana-Kimi or For You in Full Blossom ( Its a funny series! I tell yah! I currently finished the first 6 episodes looking forward to the other half of the series. Kawaii~!)

Watta intro!... Let me summarize what happened in my life last week.

  • Novena Launching... Then a smile when I've heard that the whole day was allot for practices in the upcoming intramural... Then cheer dance practice in the afternoon till' 9pm.
  • Linggo ng Wika Launching in the morning. I portrayed a role in the parade of characters as Francisco Balagtas. PEHM exams and the exam was the partial showcase of the cheer dance. And the evening cheer dance practice till 9pm.
  • The start of the intramurals and it all started in an opening ceremony and parade of the team colors ...I was sorted in Red team.
  • Nothing much happens I only watch the literary events in the intramurals and I laugh the face of emily rose in the parade of characters in the literary event in the intrams
  • The final presentation for the week long practice of cheer dance... Hala! ang gulo ng presentation but we ended as 2nd place

Yun lan ang week long events sa intrams namin last august 6-10...

looking forward in the Kadayawan event in August 17-21...

05 August 2007

Need Your Support!

Please support and vote for my friend and former classmate Miss Yvette Serna as the Miss Photogenic 2007 of New Jersey Studios Davao.


Send to 2806 for TM/Globe Subscriber only

For more info and proof visit Yvette's page in this website... http://modelsearch07.newjersystudio.com/vote.php?id=11

The contest was already over! Thanks for your support!

29 July 2007

Project Exams

Imeem: Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off ~ Panic At The Disco ( Is it still me who makes you sweat??)


First my UPCAT exams is already done! I am proud to say that I answered all the test questions, tough I am worried about it because of the right minus wrong rumors! I could conclude that MATH is way too easy for me except the geometry questions! But that was the first part of the examination thingie.!

Second PEHM examinations and the exam is Cheer dance for the upcoming Intrams. I'm very weary now in the day by day practice for this examinations.

Third the upcoming first Periodical Exams! I hate Physics!! kainis ang Vector vector! ek ek!

till here muna pagod ako sa practice...

19 July 2007

Joke!! Txt Coats!

This is once a text message... but now... its a crap!

Coatable Coats@!!!

"pinapaikot mo lang ako
Nagsasawa na ako. Mabuti pang
patayin mlo na lang ako"

-electric fan

"hindi lahat ng walang salawal
ay bastos"

-winnie d' pooh

"Alam mo ba wala akong ibang hinangad
kundi ang mapalapit sa iyo.
pero patuloy ang pag-iwas mo"


"Hala! sige magpakasasa ka!
Alam ko namang katawan ko lang ang habol mo."


"Ayoko na! pag nagmamahal ako lagi na lang
maraming tao ang nagagalit! wala ba akong
karapatang magmahal?!?"


"Hindi lahat ng green ay masustansya. "


"Hindi ko hinahangad na ipagmalaki mo na ako'y sayo
ayoko ko lang naman na sa harap ng maraming tao
ganun mo na lang ako itanggi.."


"Sawang sawa na ako palagi nalang akong
pinagpapasa- pasahan, pagod na pagod na ako."


"you never know what you have
till you lose it.
and once you lose it, you can never get it back"


"Hindi lahat ng pink, KIKAY!"


"Ginawa ko naman lahat para sumaya ka
mahirap ba talagang makontento sa isa?
bakit palipat-lipat ka?


"hindi lahat ng maasim may vitamin c"

-kili kili

Sige, batihin mo ako....Sigeee. ....BATEEEEEE! !!!!!!!


pilitin mo man na alisin ako sa buhay mo, babalik at babalik ako!


Anung kasalanan ko sayo, iniwan mo nalang akong duguan...


"wag mo na akong bilugin.."


Paano tayo makakabuo kung hindi ako papatong sa iyo?


Punyetang Buhay to! Itlog itlog! Araw-araw na lang itlog!


Wala naman akong ginawa sa kanya! Hindi na nga ako gumalaw dito.
Ako n nga yun natapakan, sya pa yun galit.. bakit ganun?


Sige kalimutan mo ako para malaman ng iba ang baho mo!


"hindi lahat ng dugo puedeng idonate"


"Ako lang ang makapagpapadugo ng ilong ni Paquiao."

- English


-13th Month Pay

Hindi lahat ng hinog, matamis...

- Pigsa